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The Purim holiday is preceded by a minor fastthe Fast of Estherwhich commemorates Esther’s three days of fasting in preparation for her meeting with the king.

If you are on a wheat-free diet for wheat allergies or a gluten-free diet for celiac-spruesubstitute 3 cups of buckwheat flour and 1/2 cup of milled flax seed for the white and wheat flourfor the original recipe2 cups of buckwheat and 1/2 cup of flaxReduce the baking powder to 1 tspThe resulting hamentaschen will have an unusual pumpernickel colorbut they taste greatI have family and friends with celiacso I make a batch of this substitution every yearand get great reviews.

The Jewish festival of Purim is an explosion of funfood and fancy dressuniting the community every year around the start of March.

In leap yearswhen there are two months of AdarPurim is celebrated in the second month of Adarso it is always one month before PassoverThe 14th day of the first Adar in a leap year is celebrated as a minor holiday called Purim Katanwhich meanslittle PurimThere are no specific observances for Purim Katanhowevera person should celebrate the holiday and should not mourn or fastSome communities also observe aPurim Katanon the anniversary of any day when their community was saved from a catastrophedestructionevil or oppression.

Blend butter and sugar thoroughlyAdd the egg and blend thoroughlyAdd OJ and blend thoroughlyAdd flour1/2 cup at a timealternating white and wheatblending thoroughly between eachAdd the baking powdercinnamon and orange peel before the last half cup of flourRefrigerate batter for an hour or twopreferably overnight for the original recipeRoll as thin as you likeI roll it between two sheets of parchment paper dusted with flouer for best resultsCut out 3 or 4 inch circlesI use a 3-1/4 inch diameter drinking glass as a cutting toolSet aside the excess dough for the next batch and flip the circles before filling to make it easier to fold when the time comes.

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